Our Vision

Puppy Protection's journey began in May 2018 in order to help abused and homeless dogs.

What's Our Story?

Over 3 million dogs become homeless every year!
Some of them are abused dogs.

They live in the cold!
They are starving!
They fear!

Puppy-Protection exists to find them and rescue them!

We’re Their Voice!

We create a better world for abused and homeless dogs.

Puppy protection find a protected and friendly home for these dogs.
They get full medical equipment, vaccines, food and drink, a bed, and clothes.


Thanks to our customer community, These dogs receive the level of care, love, and confidence they deserve!

We use 10% of your purchase to rescue dogs every year!

Together we are committed to HELP them!

In partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Our Goal

We need people to adopt these dogs!

Till new owners decide to adopt these lovely dogs, We give them all the love and confidence they deserve!


Their Safety, Your Peace Of Mind

Each product at Puppy-Protection is selected to bring your dog to the maximum level of life and keep your dog safe!