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Better Protection For Your Dog’s Teeth😍

Introducing our dog toothbrush chew toy that makes cleaning their teeth fun. This molar toothbrush seems just like a chew toy to most dogs and they are enticed to bite into it because of its sweet smell. We know it's super difficult to clean our dog's teeth without being scratched or hurting them. That's why a dog chew toothbrush toy comes as a colorful dog toothbrush toy that will excite your dog for sure! 

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The dog toothbrush is made with bristle double-sided grooves that are specifically designed to grab food particles or tar from between and around your dog’s or pup’s teeth. When used with toothpaste, this dog chew toothbrush can be quite powerful, compared to other methods. Grooved bristles help clean the dog's teeth and play a role in sterilizing and cleaning teeth. It has a paw pad to stand well and can help the dog to hold it well.

This dog toothbrush adopts an innovative design, with rigid bristles around the stick to help pups to clean their teeth even the paces that are difficult to reach, remove plaque and tartar, and fresh their breath. Bristles are covered on all sides of this dog toothbrush stick, making it almost impossible to miss any germs inside your dog's mouth. The rubber nubs and nodes eliminate all bacteria, plaque, and tartar as your dog chews on it, giving your dog perfect dental health!

This is why your dog will love this Toothbrush Chew Toy

  • ✅ Non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe material.
  • ✅  Full-mouth dental care brush bristles cover all sides.
  • ✅  Impossible to miss any germs inside your dog's mouth.
  • ✅  With a dog paw ease which is not easy to fall down and hold on to the ground steadily.
  • ✅  360 degrees to clean teeth on both sides and is angled to fit comfortably in your pet's mouth.
  • ✅  Very stable base designed for paws to hold
  • ✅  completely safe for dogs of all sizes.
  • ✅  The base makes it easy for your dog to hold.
  • ✅  Simple to clean, just place it on the top rack in a dishwasher.

We believe that every dog ​​should receive the level of care, love, and confidence it deserves! Each product at Puppy-Protection® is chosen so that you're, the dog owner can enjoy peace of mind because you know that you give them the best quality of life!

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