Dog Water Fountain

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🐕Constant Availability of Fresh Water

Make sure your pet can easily serve itself to get fresh and clean water at any time, even in your absence. No need to refill the water bowl; Your pet will not be thirsty when you are busy or not at home.

🐕Funny Outdoor Pet Toy

Just press the pedal, your pet will enjoy outdoor activities while playing with the water.

🐕Easy to use and pet friendly

Connect to the faucet through a hose, step on the pedal, and the water flows out. There are two plastic valves attached to adjust the size of the water flow, suitable for dogs of different sizes. The arrow design on the pedal encourages your pet to step on it, and it has a non-slip function.

🐕Shower function

It has an independent switch. When you need to use it, you can turn on the switch. The design of four nozzles can spray in multiple directions, making the dog excited and happy.

🐕 High-quality assurance

Heavy-duty manufacturing, long service life; ABS environmentally friendly polymer material instead of cheap ordinary plastic; built-in water pipe is food-grade silicone tube resistant to high temperature and severe cold -53°-238°.

🐕Upgraded version

New multifunctional design, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted water supply, dual shower function, four nozzle design, built-in flower-shaped spirals, which will rotate with the direction of the water jet, which is more interesting for dogs.

🐕Heat insulation without rusting

Made of polymer ABS healthy and environmentally friendly materials, rather than coated iron products, in the outdoor high-temperature conditions, will not be too high temperature burns your dog, and will not become rusty because of long use and water erosion.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that every dog ​​should receive the level of care, love, and confidence it deserves! Each product at Puppy-Protection® is chosen so that you're, the dog owner can enjoy peace of mind because you know that you give them the best quality of life!

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