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Tired of your dog shaking water all over your home after a bath?
Dry your dog off with the super soft and absorbent towel😍

As pet owners, not all of us have the luxury of bringing our pets to the groomer for a haircut or even for a good bath. For most of us, we bathe our pets ourselves. Though giving our pets a bath can be messy thus, you need the right hooded pet towel to keep them dry afterward! Our pet's coat can be difficult to dry at times but, this dog towel is the dog bathrobe is made of microfiber material, soft and gentle for pets' skin, wrap your pet in the softest, fastest drying microfibers around.

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The dog bathrobe provides an ideal way to protect pets against cooling after bathing or walking in the rain. It keeps your pet warm, dry, and cozy with its super soft fabric. The dog towel wrap can be used on many occasions, such as after the pets' shower, walking on rainy days, and playing water on trips. This fast-drying towel has a convenient adjustable strap and belt design around the waist which makes it easy for you to put on and take off from your pets. It can also be used on cold days as their protective coat keeping them warm and comfortable.

The large soft pet absorbent towel will reduce the risk of the dogs and cats getting sick from wet hair, especially in winter. The pet towel can be stored in your car for a trip or just place at home. It could protect your couch, carpet, car, bed, floor, and chair. Our hooded bath towel is super easy to clean. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried making it more convenient for you. This durable dog towel is designed to last for a long time.

Paw-Robe™ - Pet Quick Dry and Warm Care Bathrobe - digne site

Whether they're getting out of the bath or coming inside from a rainy day, the towel helps your cat or dog dry off and keep warm. The dog bathrobe features a hood design and an adjustable belt. The perfect way to keep your floors and furniture dry.


  • ✅ Dog bathrobes definitely help dry them after their bath and they hold up quite well. And you are not afraid of getting the floor and the home wet.
  • ✅ The interior of the dog towel is a softer, longer microfiber fleece that absorbs water from your dog's fur and prevents the dog from shaking the water everywhere, ideal for the car after a trip to the beach.
  • ✅ This is a great way to get dogs back in quickly when they love to swim. The bathrobe is absorbent and dries much faster in the bathroom.
  • ✅ The velcro is equipped with a collar to make it easy for your dogs to put on and take off. And it's perfect for putting the bathrobe in the sun for a while.

 You could follow the size chart to choose the correct one for your pet.


We believe that every dog ​​should receive the level of care, love, and confidence it deserves! Each product at Puppy-Protection® is chosen so that you're, the dog owner can enjoy peace of mind because you know that you give them the best quality of life!

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